Adsorption of aerosil on erythrocyte surface by flow cytometry measurements.

  title={Adsorption of aerosil on erythrocyte surface by flow cytometry measurements.},
  author={Bogdan I Gerashchenko and Igor I. Gerashchenko and V I Bogomaz and Cooley G. Pantazis},
  volume={15 1},
Light scattering properties of the erythrocytes in less than 0.01% aerosil suspension were measured. It was shown that light scattering properties of intact cells and cells associated with silica (aerosil) are different. It was also established that the aerosil particles are characterized by more intensive autofluorescence in the channel of green fluorescence than the erythrocytes. We propose that this observation allows a facile means of studying the interaction of purified silica and cell… CONTINUE READING

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