Adsorption of Dextrin at Mineral/Water Interface

  title={Adsorption of Dextrin at Mineral/Water Interface},
  author={Raju and Holmgren and Forsling},
  journal={Journal of colloid and interface science},
  volume={193 2},
The adsorption mechanism of dextrin on aqueous minerals such as fluorite, apatite, galena, magnetite, gamma-alumina, and graphite was studied by adsorption experiments, zeta potential measurements, and FT-IR studies. Depending on the nature of the mineral surface, dextrin was found to interact in three different ways viz. by chemisorption, physisorption, or hydrophobic-hydrophobic interaction. The adsorption density of dextrin was found to be pH dependent. Maximum adsorption of dextrin was… CONTINUE READING

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