Adsorption and reactions of chitinase and lysozyme on chitin

  title={Adsorption and reactions of chitinase and lysozyme on chitin},
  author={J. Skujins and A. Pukite and A. Mclaren},
  journal={Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry},
SummaryIsotherms for adsorption of chitinase on chitin and lysozyme on chitin have been determined at two temperatures and rates of hydrolysis of chitin catalysed by these enzymes have been measured at three temperatures and at several enzyme concentrations for each. Ribonuclease, not an enzyme for chitin, and heat-denatured lysozyme and chitinase show reduced or no adsorption to this substrate.Initial hydrolysis rates of chitin by both enzymes are proportional to total enzyme concentrations in… Expand
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