Adsorption Effects in Gel Filtration of Humic Acid.

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The scientific understanding of the molecular size and shape of humic substances (HS) is critically reviewed. The traditional view that HS are polymers in soil is not substantiated by any direct
Study of the structural organization of humic nanocolloids
The structural organization of humic nanocolloids remains a matter of harsh debate, and surprisingly, it is yet not possible to decide between an arrangement of the humic matter in the form of
Transformations of Organic Matter in Soils Under Shelterbelts of Different Ages in Agricultural Landscape
In this review we have summarized the results of long-term investigations on the transformations of soil organic matter (SOM) in soils under shelterbelts of different ages located in the
Biogeochemische Regulation in limnischen Ökosystemen: Zur Ökologischen Bedeutung von Huminstoffen
Der Beitrag widmet sich den biogeochemischen und okologischen Rolle von toten organischen Stoffen in Binnengewassern. Alle Organismen werden gefressen oder sterben und setzen auf diese Weise
Effect of pH on the filtration of aquatic humus using gels and membranes
  • E. Gjessing
  • Chemistry
    Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Hydrologie
  • 2006
The colour of aquatic humus increases with pH. The ‘molecular weight distribution’ of a concentrated humus sample has been studied at diffrent pH-levels and ionic strength by use of a molecular sieve
Gel- and ultramembrane filtration of aquatic humus: A comparison of the two methods
  • E. Gjessing
  • Biology
    Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Hydrologie
  • 2006
The ultramembrane filtration technique is considered to be preferable for desalting and molecular size fractionation of aquatic humus and results of a combined use of the two methods reported.
Electrophoretic subfractionation of low and high molecular weight humic acids fractions
SummarySoil humic acid was fractionated on a molecular weight basis either using Sephadex gel filtration or electrophoresis on a discontinuous polyacrylamide gel. Low and high molecular weight