Adrenocortical response to ACTH in Angora and Spanish goat wethers.

  title={Adrenocortical response to ACTH in Angora and Spanish goat wethers.},
  author={C A Toerien and Richard Puchala and Jacquie McCann and Tilahun Sahlu and Arth L. Goetsch},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={77 6},
Angora goats do not cope well with stress compared with goats of other breeds. Our hypothesis that this involves subclinical primary hypoadrenocorticism associated with low cortisol release in response to ACTH stimulation was tested by measuring adrenocortical response (plasma cortisol) in six Spanish (37 +/- 2 kg BW) and six Angora wethers (39 +/- 3 kg BW) under simulated acute and chronic ACTH challenges. In Exp. 1 (acute ACTH challenge), wethers were dosed i.v. with high (2.5 IU/kg BW) or… CONTINUE READING
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