Adrenocortical cytopathology.

  title={Adrenocortical cytopathology.},
  author={Hisanobu Sasano and Soichiro Shizawa and Hiroshi Nagura},
  journal={American journal of clinical pathology},
  volume={104 2},
Cytopathologic smears and/or imprints of human adrenal cortex (9 cases) and its disorders were examined, including adrenocortical nodule (3 cases), adrenocortical adenoma (23 cases), carcinoma (8 cases), and renal cell carcinoma (6 cases). Immunocytochemistry directed against 3 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and adrenal-4-binding protein (Ad4BP), a transcription factor in steroidogenesis, was also performed. There were no cytologic differences between normal adrenal and adrenocortical… CONTINUE READING

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