Adrenergic control of lipogenesis and lipolysis in the chicken in vitro.


The adrenergic inhibition of lipogenesis and stimulation of lipolysis in the avian has been examined using chicken hepatocytes and adipose tissue explants in vitro. Lipogenesis was inhibited by adrenergic agonists: epinephrine (alpha + beta) greater than isoproterenol (beta 1/beta 2) greater than norepinephrine (alpha 1/alpha 2, beta 1) greater than metaproterenol (beta 2), phenylephrine (alpha 1). Dobutamine (beta 1 agonist) and dopamine (dopaminergic agonist) did not significantly affect [14C]acetate incorporation into lipid, while clonidine and para-aminoclonidine (alpha 2 agonists) were slightly stimulatory. Lipolysis in young and adult chicken adipose tissue was stimulated by epinephrine, isoproterenol, phenylephrine, dobutamine and metaproterenol, but was inhibited by clonidine and para-aminoclonidine. Both the antilipogenic and lipolytic effects of epinephrine were partially blocked by phentolamine (alpha 1 = alpha 2 antagonist) or propranolol (beta 1 = beta 2 antagonist), but completely inhibited by phentolamine and propranolol administered together.


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