Adrenalectomy for familial pheochromocytoma in the laparoscopic era.

  title={Adrenalectomy for familial pheochromocytoma in the laparoscopic era.},
  author={L. Michael Brunt and Terry C. Lairmore and Gerard M. Doherty and Mary A Quasebarth and Mary K Debenedetti and Jeffrey F. Moley},
  journal={Annals of surgery},
  volume={235 5},
  pages={713-20; discussion 720-1}
OBJECTIVE To report the results of treatment of patients with familial pheochromocytomas in the laparoscopic era. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA The optimal surgical management of pheochromocytomas that arise in familial neoplasia syndromes may be complicated by bilateral involvement and associated endocrinopathies. METHODS Twenty-one patients with familial pheochromocytomas (15 with multiple endocrine neoplasia [MEN] 2A, 4 with MEN 2B, 1 each with von Hippel-Lindau and neurofibromatosis type 1… CONTINUE READING
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