Adrenal Tumors Clinical Presentation, Surgical Treatment and outcome


Aim: To study the presentation, surgical treatment and outcome of patients with adrenal masses. Methods: This is retrospective study of 15 patients who underwent adrenalectomy at Shaikh Zayed Hospital Postgraduate Medical Institute, Department of Urology over a period of six years between January 2006 to December 2011. In all cases adrenalectomy performed through open transabdominal approach. Results: Among 15 cases there were 4(27%) males and 11(73%) were females. Nine (60%) patients presented with hypertension in, 4(27%) patients adrenal masse detected incidentally. Two patients (13%) presented with flank pain and flank mass. In all patients adrenalectomy performed through transabdominal approach employing chevron incision. Eleven (73%) patients had pheochromocytoma, 4(27%) had adrenocortical carcinoma. Hypertension cured in 9 (67%) and persisted in 1(7%). Colonic injury in 1 7%), wound infection 1 patient (7%) and pleural effusion occurred in 1 patient (7%). Conclusion: Most of the pheochromocytoma presented with hypertension and raised urinary catecholamines and were surgically curable. Adrenal carcinoma in general carries poor prognosis. Transperitonael adrenalectomy provides safe and effective surgical treatment for large and bilateral adrenal tumors at lesser with experience in such surgery

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