Adolescents’ responses to the promotion and flavouring of e-cigarettes

  title={Adolescents’ responses to the promotion and flavouring of e-cigarettes},
  author={Allison Ford and Anne Marie Mackintosh and Linda Bauld and Crawford Moodie and Gerard B. Hastings},
  booktitle={International Journal of Public Health},
The purpose of the study is to examine adolescents’ awareness of e-cigarette marketing and investigate the impact of e-cigarette flavour descriptors on perceptions of product harm and user image. Data come from the 2014 Youth Tobacco Policy Survey, a cross-sectional in-home survey conducted with 11–16 year olds across the UK (n = 1205). Adolescents’ awareness of e-cigarette promotion, brands, and flavours was assessed. Perceptions of product harm, and likely user of four examples of e-cigarette… CONTINUE READING