Adolescent sleep disparities: sex and racial/ethnic differences.

  title={Adolescent sleep disparities: sex and racial/ethnic differences.},
  author={Katherine D Marczyk Organek and Daniel J. Taylor and Trent A. Petrie and Scott B. Martin and Christy Greenleaf and Jessica R Dietch and J. L. Mart{\'i}n Ruiz},
  journal={Sleep health},
  volume={1 1},
OBJECTIVES During adolescence, significant changes occur in sleep (eg, decreased sleep duration and increased sleep problems). To date, few studies have examined whether self-reported sleep duration differences exist between races/ethnicities in early adolescence (ages 11-14 years). METHODS This study compared sexes and race/ethnicity groups on self-reported sleep duration in a large (n = 1543; 48.9% boys) racially/ethnically diverse (62.7% White, 23.7% Hispanic/Latino, 10.4% African American… CONTINUE READING

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