Adolescent lumbar disc disease: findings and outcome

  title={Adolescent lumbar disc disease: findings and outcome},
  author={R. Ethindra Kumar and V. Kumar and Nitu K. Das and Sanjay Behari and Anup kumar Mahapatra},
  journal={Child's Nervous System},
Lumbar disc herniation is mainly a disease of elderly people as degenerative changes progress with age. Present retrospective analysis was performed on 742 patients of lumbar disc disease operated over 11 years. Of 742 cases aged 20 years or less, 25 has been evaluated to see the clinical features, radiological features, operative findings, and outcome of lumbar disc surgery. The incidence of lumbar disc herniation in pediatric and adolescent populations was 3.5% (aged 20 years or less). All… CONTINUE READING