Adolescent exposure to cannabinoids induces long-Lasting changes in the response to drugs of abuse of rat midbrain dopamine neurons

  title={Adolescent exposure to cannabinoids induces long-Lasting changes in the response to drugs of abuse of rat midbrain dopamine neurons},
  author={M. Pistis and S. Perra and G. Pillolla and M. Melis and G. Gessa},
  journal={Biological Psychiatry},
  • M. Pistis, S. Perra, +2 authors G. Gessa
  • Published 2004
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Biological Psychiatry
  • BACKGROUND Recent studies have raised concerns about subtle long-lasting neurobiological changes that might be triggered by exposure to Cannabis derivatives, especially in a critical phase of brain maturation, such as puberty. The mesolimbic dopamine (DA) system, involved in the processing of drug-induced reward, is a locus of action of cannabinoids and endocannabinoids. Thus, we compared the effects of repeated cannabinoid administration in adolescent and adult rats on DA neuronal functions… CONTINUE READING
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