Adolescent Scoliosis 1A001: Radiographic Results of Selecting the Touched Vertebra as the Lowest Instrumented Vertebra in Lenke Type 1 (Main Thoracic) & Type 2 (Double Thoracic) Curves at a Minimum 5-year Follow-up

  title={Adolescent Scoliosis 1A001: Radiographic Results of Selecting the Touched Vertebra as the Lowest Instrumented Vertebra in Lenke Type 1 (Main Thoracic) & Type 2 (Double Thoracic) Curves at a Minimum 5-year Follow-up},
  author={David Clements and Amer F. Samdani and Umit Ozgur Guler and Metin Ozalay and Kamil Eyvazov and Alpaslan Senkoylu and S Beyaz and Selcen Y{\"u}ksel Pehlivan and Johan L Heemskerk and Sebastiaan P J Wijdicks and Mark Cornelis Altena and Diederik Hendrik Ruth Kempen and Nikoletta Antoniadou and Efthimios P Samoladas and Stavros Ι Stavridis and Vassilia Hatzitaki and Alice Darnis and Caroline Scemama and Jing Han Ng and Joshua Tan and Ali Humadi and Tat Woon Chao and Daniel Fisher and Arshad Barmare and Md Kamrul Ahsan and Mohammad A. Awwal and Sakirul Islam Khan and Nadia Zaman and Mahmuda Haque and Z. Zahangiri and Jaewan Soh and Jae Chul Lee and Byung-Joon Shin and Shoaib Ahmed Khan and Feras Ashouri and Khaled Aneiba and Sung Uk Kuh and Dal-Sung Ryu and Toshitada Miwa and Tetsuo Ohwada and Hironobu Sakaura and Yusuke Kuroda and Stavros Oikonomidis and Jan Siewe and Rolf Sobottke and Dmitry Michailov and Nizar Moayeri and Y. 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Shamji and Giovanni Barbagli and So Kato and Michael T Kryshtalskyj and Anoushka Singh and Zhang Yilong and Feifei Zhou and Maximino Tellez and Luis Alejandro Ruiz Cardoso and Orlando Tortolero Barron and Juan Enrique Guzman Carranza and Hugo Alberto Santos Benitez and Shekhar Yeshwant Bhojraj and Priyank Patel and Premik Nagad and Matevz Kuhta and Miha Vodi{\vc}ar and Bor Bricelj and Matja{\vz} Vogrin and Rok Vengust and Luke Brown and Julio Juaregui and Scott J Koenig and Mark Shasti and Steven C. Ludwig and Daniel J Gelb and Kelley Banagan and Eugene Koh and Zhe Wang and Xueyu Hu and Zhuojing Luo and Diederik Groot and Maarten Spruit and Els van den Eede and Dorine Pluimers and Jan van Loon and Sara Padovani and Tommaso Amoroso and Gaetano Caruso and Margherita Bianconi and Giorgia Valpiani and Leo Massari},
A001: Radiographic Results of Selecting the Touched Vertebra as the Lowest Instrumented Vertebra in Lenke Type 1 (Main Thoracic) & Type 2 (Double Thoracic) Curves at a Minimum 5-year Follow-up Lawrence Lenke, Peter Newton, Ronald Lehman, Michael Kelly, David Clements, Thomas Errico, Randall Betz, Amer Samdani, Kathy Blanke, and Harms Study Group The Spine Hospital, Department of Orthopedics, Columbia University Medical Center, New York United States Division of Orthopedics & Scoliosis at Rady… CONTINUE READING

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