Adolescent Catatonia Successfully Treated with Lorazepam and Aripiprazole

  title={Adolescent Catatonia Successfully Treated with Lorazepam and Aripiprazole},
  author={Aaron J Roberto and Subhash Pinnaka and Abhishek Mohan and Hiejin Yoon and Kyle A. B. Lapidus},
  booktitle={Case reports in psychiatry},
Catatonia is especially concerning in children and adolescents. It leads to significant impairment, including emotional distress, difficulty communicating, and other debilitating symptoms. In this case report, we discuss a patient with no previous history of neuroleptic medication or psychotic symptoms, presenting with first-episode catatonia in the presence of disorganized, psychotic thoughts. We then review the catatonia syndrome, citing examples in the literature supporting its… CONTINUE READING