Adolescence-limited versus persistent delinquency: extending Moffitt's hypothesis into adulthood.

  title={Adolescence-limited versus persistent delinquency: extending Moffitt's hypothesis into adulthood.},
  author={Helene Raskin White and Marsha E. Bates and Steven Buyske},
  journal={Journal of abnormal psychology},
  volume={110 4},
The authors examined how neuropsychological, personality, and environmental risk factors and their interactions were related to trajectories of delinquent behavior from adolescence to adulthood. Four waves of longitudinal data from 698 male participants, ages 12-18 at Time 1 and ages 25-31 at Time 4, were included in the analyses. Using a growth mixture model approach, 4 trajectories were identified: nondelinquents, adolescence-limited delinquents, adolescence-to-adulthood-persistent… CONTINUE READING

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