Admux Communication Protrocol for Real-Time Multimodal Intreaction


In our previous work [1], we proposed an adaptive application layer communication framework, named Admux, for multimedia applications incorporating hap tic, video, auditory, and graphics information for non-dedicated networks such as the Internet. In this paper, the contribution is two-fold: first, we present a thorough description of Admux communication protocol and content access/communication management. Second, the evaluation of Admux, using an interactive multimodal 3D Office Slingshot game, is described. The 3D Office Slingshot game involves the communication of synchronous hap tic-audio-video media â " with both tactile and kinesthetic hap tic feedback. The performance evaluation shows that Admux is capable of delivering synchronous hap tic-video data while adapting to network conditions by allocating proportional resources to various media channels. The usability testing with 20 subjects has shown that players have expressed positive feedback about the game.

DOI: 10.1109/DS-RT.2012.23

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@article{Eid2012AdmuxCP, title={Admux Communication Protrocol for Real-Time Multimodal Intreaction}, author={Mohamad A. Eid and Abdulmotaleb El-Saddik}, journal={2012 IEEE/ACM 16th International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications}, year={2012}, pages={118-123} }