Admixed sexual and facultatively asexual aphid lineages at mating sites.

  title={Admixed sexual and facultatively asexual aphid lineages at mating sites.},
  author={Fabien Halkett and Manuel Plantegenest and Nathalie Prunier-Leterme and Lucie Mieuzet and François Delmotte and J. C. Simon},
  journal={Molecular ecology},
  volume={14 1},
Cyclically parthenogenetic organisms may have facultative asexual counterparts. Such organisms, including aphids, are therefore interesting models for the study of ecological and genetic interactions between lineages differing in reproductive mode. Earlier studies on aphids have revealed major differences in the genetic outcomes of populations that are possibly resulting mostly either from sexual or from asexual reproduction. Besides, notable gene flow between sexual and asexual derivatives has… CONTINUE READING

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