Admittance Measurements on OFET Channel and Its Modeling With $R$–$C$ Network

  title={Admittance Measurements on OFET Channel and Its Modeling With \$R\$–\$C\$ Network},
  author={Keum-dong Jung and Cheon An Lee and D H Park and Byung-Gook Park and Hyungcheol Shin and Jong Duk Lee},
  journal={IEEE Electron Device Letters},
For the modeling of charge response behavior in the organic field-effect-transistor (OFET) channel, the admittance of the OFET channel is measured from the two-terminal MIS structures. The channel is considered as an R-C network, and both the capacitance and loss of the measured admittance show good agreement with the model. The effective delay of the R-C network depends on the sheet resistance of the channel, the insulator capacitance, and the channel length. The maximum operating frequency of… CONTINUE READING

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