Admission on Gulf War vaccines spurs debate on medical records

  title={Admission on Gulf War vaccines spurs debate on medical records},
  author={Declan Butler},
  • D. Butler
  • Published 6 November 1997
  • Political Science
  • Nature
parisThe UK Ministry of Defence has admitted that it failed to heed warnings at the start of the 1991 Gulf War about the possible side-effects of a vaccine combination administered to British troops. 
Anthrax vaccine. Model of a response to the biologic warfare threat.
  • M. Nass
  • Political Science
    Infectious disease clinics of North America
  • 1999
Re: Multiple Vaccination
  • M. Webb
  • Medicine
    Journal of the Royal Society of Health
  • 1997
The soldiers in question were vaccinated against plague, anthrax, typhoid, tetanus, cholera and pertussis (whooping cough), all of which are potent Th2-inducing vaccines, and the fact that this multiple antigen loading further favours a systemic shift towards a Th2 profile is significant.
Managing ‘ post-conflict ’ zones DDR AND WEAPONS REDUCTION
  • Political Science
  • 2003
and weapons reduction programmes as part of overall recovery strategies can be an important factor in winning the peace. The end of armed conflict does not necessarily signal a return to security.
No Magic Bullet: A Critical Perspective on Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) and Weapons Reduction in Post-conflict Contexts
The end of war does not necessarily signal a return to security. The introduction of a ceasefire, peace agreement or even discrete interventions seeking to disarm warring parties, does not
Magnetic-resonance imaging and prediction of recovery from post-traumatic vegetative state
Arguments in favour of the sale of kidneys distort facts that usually fail to fool people that have deep feelings of repugnance about paying desperate people to undergo a painful procedure, lose an organ, and take risks associated with surgery.
Chronic Diseases with Delayed Onset After Vaccinations and Infections. A Complex Systems Approach to Pathology and Therapy
The complexity approach shows why antiviral or antibiotic medications fail in chronic diseases, and why no traces are found in Gulf War illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, post lyme syndrome, or the mild encephalitis in schizophrenia.
Pseudoallergy or nonallergic hypersensitivity
The current discussion on how to designate speci®c intolerance reactions that are not based on a sensitization of the immune system is reviewed, and the term ``nonallergic hypersensitivity'' has recently become common in Scandinavia.
Toxicological Effects of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Noxious Agents in Modern Warfare and Terorrism
This review presents a biomedical aspect of agents used in warfare and terrorism, including polonij-210, as well as toxicological effects of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Noxious Agents in Modern Warfare and Terorrism.