Administration of radiographic contrast media in high-risk patients.

  title={Administration of radiographic contrast media in high-risk patients.},
  author={Paul A. Greenberger and Roy Patterson and John F Kelly and Donald D. Stevenson and Dominique Simon and Phillip Lieberman},
  journal={Investigative radiology},
  volume={15 6 Suppl},
Patients with a prior history of an anaphylactoid reaction (AR) to radiographic contrast media (RCM) have an increased risk of an AR during subsequent RCM studies. Based on previous studies in high-risk patients using prednisone or diphenhydramine to reduce the incidence of AR, high-risk patients were treated with a combined prednisone and diphenhydramine protocol in an effort to develop an effective, practical approach to this problem. All patients with convincing histories of AR to RCM with… CONTINUE READING

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