Administration of parks with rack art: A symposium and workshop in Jujuy Argentina, December 2003

  title={Administration of parks with rack art: A symposium and workshop in Jujuy Argentina, December 2003},
  author={Matthias Strecker and Peter J. Pilles},
  journal={Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites},
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The VIth International Rock Art Symposium was held in the city of Jujuy, northwest Argentina, from 29 November to 4 December 2003, following five previous meetings organized by the Bolivian Rock Art Research Society (SIARB). It wasorganizedby the archaeologist Alicia Fernandez Distel, supported by Grupo Yavi de Investigaciones Ciendficasand other local, national and international institutions. More than 200 scholars from different South American countries, the USA and Europe gathered at the… 
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In the present article, the authors present a brief introduction to rock art protection and conservation in Bolivia and Argentina, explain strategies and actions taken in the last 10-20 years and


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