[Adjuvant prednisolone therapy for the prevention of adhesions after acute adnexitis].


59 patients with acute pelvic inflammatory diseases proved and classified by laparoscopy were treated by two kinds of therapies in alternating order. Dispensing with physical measures 27 patients were given ampicilline and metronidazol for 10 days, 32 patients being additionally given prednisolone. The treatment results of both groups during hospital treatment and results during second-look-laparoscopy carried out two months later with chromopertubation have been compared. In the group treated with prednisolone fever was reduced more rapidly and a normalisation of erythrocyte sedimentation rate could be ascertained. However, leukocytosis persisted for a longer time. Also, in connection with the checking of the free passage of the tubes no differences could be detected between the two therapy concepts. 70.6% of the women treated with prednisolone did not have any genital adhesions. Those women who were not treated with it had no such adhesions in 53% of the cases. It is recommended to test the positive adhesion-stopping effect of an additional therapy with prednisolone by bigger, prospective series of examinations.

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