Adjunctive desipramine in the treatment of cocaine abusing schizophrenics.

  title={Adjunctive desipramine in the treatment of cocaine abusing schizophrenics.},
  author={Douglas M. Ziedonis and T. G. Richardson and E E Lee and Ismene L Petrakis and Thomas R. Kosten},
  journal={Psychopharmacology bulletin},
  volume={28 3},
Because schizophrenic patients have a lifetime prevalence rate for cocaine abuse between 15 and 50 percent, the use of adjunctive pharmacotherapy should be considered in cocaine-abuse treatment programs. This 12-week, open-label outpatient study compares 12 cocaine-abusing schizophrenic patients treated with desipramine (DMI) 100 to 150 mg and antipsychotic agents to 15 patients treated with only antipsychotic agents (no DMI). All 27 patients participated in a Dual Diagnosis Relapse Prevention… CONTINUE READING

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