Adipose Tissue Distribution and Plasma Lipoprotein Levels in Obese Women


Prospective studies have shown that excess abdominal fat Is associated with an Increased risk of coronary heart disease and related death. We used computed axial tomography (CAT) to assess the association between deep and subcutaneous abdominal adipose tissue and plasma lipoprotein levels In a sample of 52 premenopausal obese women aged 35.7±5.5 years (mean±SD). Whereas the plasma lipoprotein concentrations were not significantly correlated with fat mass, the data obtained by CAT Indicated that the absolute amount of deep abdominal fat was negatively correlated with high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-CHOL) levels (r=-0.35, /xO.01), as well as with HDL-CHOL/low density lipoprotein (LDL)-CHOL, HDLapoprotein-(apo) A-l/LDL-apo B, and HDL2-CHOL/HDL,-CHOL ratios ( -0.32srs-0.40, 0.05>p<0.01). Adipose tissue deposition at the mid-thigh region determined by CAT did not show any significant relationship with plasma lipoprotein levels. When subgroups of women with comparable ages and adiposity but with high and low Intra-abdominal fat accumulation were compared, women with a high accumulation of Intra-abdominal fat displayed significantly lower HDL-CHOL (p<0.001), HDLjCHOL (p<0.001), HDL3-CHOL (p<0.01), and HDL-apo A-l (p<0.05) levels, as well as reduced HDL-CHOL/LDL-CHOL (p<0.01), HDL-apo A-l/LDL-apo B (p<0.05), and HDL2-CHOL/HDL4-CHOL ratios (p<0.05) in comparison with obese women with low accumulations of Intra-abdominal fat These data Indicate that, in a sample of obese women, body fat distribution, especially Intra-abdominal fat accumulation, is a significant correlate of plasma lipoprotein levels Independent of total fatness. (Arteriosclerosis 9:203-210, March/April 1989)

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