Adipofascial anterolateral thigh free flap for tongue repair.

  title={Adipofascial anterolateral thigh free flap for tongue repair.},
  author={Vittorugo Agostini and Mario Dini and Andrea Mori and Alessandro Franchi and T Agostini},
  journal={British journal of plastic surgery},
  volume={56 6},
With the advent of microsurgery fasciocutaneous free flaps have become a well known and accepted option for the repair of tongue defects. Many authors have tried to recover tongue function by modifying this approach. An innovative method for the repair of tongue defects using an adipofascial anterolateral thigh free flap is presented in this paper. The results are compared with those of tongue reconstructions implementing traditional fasciocutaneous free flaps performed at our institution. The… CONTINUE READING

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