Adipocytokines in relation to cardiovascular disease.

  title={Adipocytokines in relation to cardiovascular disease.},
  author={Johan Van de Voorde and Bart J. G. Pauwels and Charlotte Boydens and Kelly Decaluw{\'e}},
  journal={Metabolism: clinical and experimental},
  volume={62 11},
Adipose tissue can be considered as a huge gland producing paracrine and endocrine hormones, the adipo(cyto)kines. There is growing evidence that these adipo(cyto)kines may link obesity to cardiovascular diseases. The excessive adipocyte hypertrophy in obesity induces hypoxia in adipose tissue. This leads to adiposopathy, the process that converts "healthy" adipose tissue to "sick" adipose tissue. This is accompanied by a change in profile of adipo(cyto)kines released, with less production of… CONTINUE READING