Adipocyte-derived Exosomal miRNAs: A Novel Mechanism for Obesity-Related Disease

  title={Adipocyte-derived Exosomal miRNAs: A Novel Mechanism for Obesity-Related Disease},
  author={Sarah C. Ferrante and Evan P. Nadler and Dinesh K. Pillai and Monica J. Hubal and Zuyi Wang and Justin M Wang and Heather Gordish-Dressman and Emily S. Koeck and Samantha Sevilla and Andrew A. Wiles and Robert J Freishtat},
  booktitle={Pediatric Research},
Background:Obesity is frequently complicated by comorbid conditions, yet how excess adipose contributes is poorly understood. Although adipocytes in obese individuals induce systemic inflammation via secreted cytokines, another potential mediator has recently been identified (i.e., adipocyte-derived exosomes). We hypothesized that adipocyte-derived exosomes contain mediators capable of activating end-organ inflammatory and fibrotic signaling pathways.Methods:We developed techniques to quantify… CONTINUE READING