Adiabatic regularization of the graviton stress-energy tensor in de Sitter space-time

  title={Adiabatic regularization of the graviton stress-energy tensor in de Sitter space-time},
  author={Fabio Finelli and G. Marozzi and Gian Paolo Vacca and Giovanni Venturi},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We study the renormalized energy-momentum tensor of gravitons in a de Sitter space-time. After canonically quantizing only the physical degrees of freedom, we adopt the standard adiabatic subtraction used for massless minimally coupled scalar fields as a regularization procedure and find that the energy density of gravitons in the E(3) invariant vacuum is proportional to H{sup 4}, where H is the Hubble parameter, but with a positive sign. According to this result the scalar expansion rate… 

Cosmological ultraviolet/infrared divergences and de Sitter spacetime

We consider one-loop graviton corrections to Green's scalar field functions in the de Sitter phase of an inflationary space-time, a topic relevant to the computation of cosmological observables

The fermion self-energy during inflation

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Quantum backreaction in scale-invariant induced gravity inflation

A quartic, self-interacting potential in the induced gravity framework is known to have a pure de Sitter attractor for the homogeneous mode. In order to obtain non-zero slow roll parameters we

Graviton one-loop effective action and inflationary dynamics

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Energy-momentum tensor and helicity for gauge fields coupled to a pseudoscalar inflaton

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One-loop modified gravity in a de Sitter universe, quantum-corrected inflation, and its confrontation with the Planck result

Motivated by issues on inflation, a generalized modified gravity model is investigated, where the model Lagrangian is described by a smooth function $f(R, K, \phi)$ of the Ricci scalar $R$, the




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Quantum Fields in Curved Space

This book presents a comprehensive review of the subject of gravitational effects in quantum field theory. Although the treatment is general, special emphasis is given to the Hawking black hole


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