Adhesive recruitment by the viscous capture threads of araneoid orb-weaving spiders.

  title={Adhesive recruitment by the viscous capture threads of araneoid orb-weaving spiders.},
  author={Brent D Opell and Mary L Hendricks},
  journal={The Journal of experimental biology},
  volume={210 Pt 4},
The sticky prey capture threads of orb-webs are critical to web performance. By retaining insects that strike the web, these spirally arrayed threads allow a spider time to locate and subdue prey. The viscous capture threads spun by modern orb-weaving spiders of the Araneoidea clade replaced the dry, fuzzy cribellar capture threads of the Deinopoidea and feature regularly spaced moist, adhesive droplets. The stickiness of a cribellar thread is limited by its tendency to peel from a surface… CONTINUE READING
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