Adhesive colonization of biomaterials and antibiotic resistance.


This study addresses the problem of antibiotic resistance in adhesive, biomaterial-centred infections. It is suggested that this anionic, extracapsular, polysaccharide slime produced by bacteria protects them from antibiotics and sequesters critical ions from the surface of biomaterials. Biofilm-enclosed bacteria on the surface of stainless steel substrata in a test chamber were challenged with incremental levels of tobramycin. In this setting, the minimum inhibitory concentration and minimum bactericidal level of tobramycin for Staphylococcus epidermis were well above normal.

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@article{Gristina1987AdhesiveCO, title={Adhesive colonization of biomaterials and antibiotic resistance.}, author={Anthony G. Gristina and Cassandra D Hobgood and Lawrence Xavier Webb and Quentin N. Myrvik}, journal={Biomaterials}, year={1987}, volume={8 6}, pages={423-6} }