Adherence induces selective mRNA expression of monocyte mediators and proto-oncogenes.

  title={Adherence induces selective mRNA expression of monocyte mediators and proto-oncogenes.},
  author={S J Haskill and Cynthia Johnson and David F. Eierman and Steve Becker and Kathy Warren},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={140 5},
Adherence is an important regulatory signal for several monokines and the proto-oncogenes c-fms and c-fos in human peripheral blood monocytes. Although there is little if any constitutive expression of the IL-1 beta, TNF-alpha and CSF-1 genes in freshly isolated monocytes, adherence is sufficient to induce high steady-state levels of mRNA for TNF and c-fos and more slowly that of CSF-1. Expression of mRNA for the CSF-1R gene, c-fms, was transiently down-regulated by 4 h. In contrast, the… CONTINUE READING

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