Adenovirus-mediated gene delivery to the corneal endothelium.

  title={Adenovirus-mediated gene delivery to the corneal endothelium.},
  author={Daniel Frank P Larkin and Haluk Barbaros Oral and Christopher J A Ring and Nicholas R. Lemoine and A. J. George},
  volume={61 3},
Genetic manipulation of donor cornea prior to transplantation has the potential to modulate the allogeneic response, as well as the endothelial cell function. This study examined the feasibility of gene transfer to corneal endothelial cells using replication-defective recombinant adenoviral vectors. Adult rabbits corneas were infected with recombinant adenovirus RAd35, containing the Escherichia coli beta-galactosidase (lacZ) gene. Localization of gene transfer was assessed by histochemical… CONTINUE READING