Adenovirus-Mediated In Vivo Silencing of Anaphylatoxin Receptor C5aR

  title={Adenovirus-Mediated In Vivo Silencing of Anaphylatoxin 
		Receptor C5aR},
  author={Lei Sun and Hongwei Gao and Vidya J. Sarma and Ren-feng Guo and Peter A Ward},
  journal={Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology},
  pages={133 - 142}
C5a, one of the most potent inflammatory peptides, induces its inflammatory functions by interacting with C5a receptor (C5aR) that belongs to the rhodopsin family of seven-transmembrane G protein-coupled receptors. C5a/C5aR signaling has been implicated in the pathogenesis of many inflammatory and immunological diseases such as sepsis and acute lung injury. Widespread upregulation of C5aR has been seen at both the protein level and transcriptional level under pathological conditions. Here, we… CONTINUE READING