Adenovirus 11p downregulates CD46 early in infection.

  title={Adenovirus 11p downregulates CD46 early in infection.},
  author={Dan J Gustafsson and Emma K. Andersson and Yan-ling Hu and Marko Marttila and Kristina Lindman and M{\aa}rten Strand and Li Wang and Y f Mei},
  volume={405 2},
Adenovirus 11 prototype (Ad11p), belonging to species B, uses CD46 as an attachment receptor. CD46, a complement regulatory molecule, is expressed on all human nucleated cells. We show here that Ad11p virions downregulate CD46 on the surface of K562 cells as early as 5min p.i. Specific binding to CD46 by the Ad11p fiber knob was required to mediate downregulation. The complement regulatory factors CD55 and CD59 were also reduced to a significant extent as a consequence of Ad11p binding to K562… CONTINUE READING