Adenosine-sensitive adenylate cyclase in rat anterior pituitary.

  title={Adenosine-sensitive adenylate cyclase in rat anterior pituitary.},
  author={Madhu B Anand-Srivastava and Jolanta Gutkowska and Marc Cantin},
  volume={41 2},
An adenosine-sensitive adenylate cyclase has been demonstrated in anterior pituitary cultured cells in the present studies. N-ethylcarboxamideadenosine (NECA), L-N6-phenylisopropyladenosine (PIA), and 5'-N-methylcarboxamideadenosine (MECA), all stimulated adenylate cyclase in a concentration-dependent manner in the order of potency NECA greater than PIA greater than MECA. Adenosine showed a biphasic effect on adenylate cyclase: stimulation at lower and inhibition at higher concentrations… CONTINUE READING