Adenosine receptor mediates motility in human melanoma cells.

  title={Adenosine receptor mediates motility in human melanoma cells.},
  author={Elisa C. Woodhouse and Derek F Amanatullah and John A. Schetz and Lance A. Liotta and Mary L. Stracke and Timothy Clair},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={246 3},
Cell motility is an essential component of tumor progression and metastasis. A number of factors, both autocrine and paracrine, have been found to influence cell motility. In the present study, adenosine and adenine nucleotides directly stimulated chemotaxis of A2058 melanoma cells in the absence of exogenous factors. Three adenosine receptor agonists stimulated motility in the melanoma cells and two adenosine receptor antagonists strongly inhibited the chemotactic response to both adenosine… CONTINUE READING