Adenosine A2A receptors and basal ganglia physiology.

  title={Adenosine A2A receptors and basal ganglia physiology.},
  author={Serge N Schiffmann and Gilberto Fisone and R. Moresco and Rodrigo A Cunha and Sergi Ferr{\'e}},
  journal={Progress in neurobiology},
  volume={83 5},
Adenosine A2A receptors are highly enriched in the basal ganglia system. They are predominantly expressed in enkephalin-expressing GABAergic striatopallidal neurons and therefore are highly relevant to the function of the indirect efferent pathway of the basal ganglia system. In these GABAergic enkephalinergic neurons, the A2A receptor tightly interacts structurally and functionally with the dopamine D2 receptor. Both by forming receptor heteromers and by targeting common intracellular… CONTINUE READING