Addressing health literacy in patient decision aids

  title={Addressing health literacy in patient decision aids},
  author={Kirsten J. McCaffery and Margaret Holmes-Rovner and Sian K. Smith and David R. Rovner and Don Nutbeam and Marla L. Clayman and Karen Kelly-Blake and Michael S. Wolf and Stacey L. Sheridan},
  booktitle={BMC Med. Inf. & Decision Making},
BACKGROUND Effective use of a patient decision aid (PtDA) can be affected by the user's health literacy and the PtDA's characteristics. Systematic reviews of the relevant literature can guide PtDA developers to attend to the health literacy needs of patients. The reviews reported here aimed to assess: METHODS We reviewed literature for evidence relevant to these two aims. When high-quality systematic reviews existed, we summarized their evidence. When reviews were unavailable, we conducted… CONTINUE READING