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Addressing Domestic Violence in Immigrant Communities

  title={Addressing Domestic Violence in Immigrant Communities},
  author={Deborah M. Weissman},
The author is a member of the faculty of the UNC–CH School of Law, with research interests in immigration law and domestic violence. She also is the chair of the North Carolina Domestic Violence Commission. prevalent in the population at large, domestic violence assumes even more troubling dimensions in the growing immigrant communities across the United States. Immigrant women in abusive relationships are in a particularly precarious situation because they are vulnerable to both physical… Expand
Intimate partner violence against women and its related immigration stressors in Pakistani immigrant families in Germany
It was found that psychological violence was the commonly reported violence among the study participants, and the process of immigration exacerbated tensions between spouses because of various immigration stressors such as threats to cultural identity, children's socialization, and social isolation. Expand
Gatekeeping and acts of passage: Battered immigrants, nonprofits, and the state
Gendered violence-based immigration laws and nonprofit organizations helping in their implementation have been considered crucial tools in providing access to citizenship for battered immigrants.Expand
Undocumented and unprotected immigrant women and children in harm's way
The magnitude of this problem, a brief history of current legal protections and the potential for the U-Visa as a tool for obtaining citizenship for these victims, and the particular barriers to reporting abuse and seeking help for undocumented battered women are reviewed are reviewed. Expand
“For Us It Is Like Living in the Dark”
Findings show domestic violence as taking place within a context of immigration, acculturation, and rapid changes in family and social structure. Expand
Protecting Our Non-Citizens: Iraqi Women on Australian Temporary Spouse Visas
Migration is a complex experience that differs from one migrant group to the other. Migrants have often been mistakenly seen as one homogenous group with shared experience, overlooking the diversityExpand
Addressing Domestic Violence in Immigrant Communities: Critical Issues for Culturally Competent Services
Applied Research papers synthesize and interpret current research on violence against women, offering a review of the literature and implications for policy and practice


Speaking the Unspeakable: Marital Violence among South Asian Immigrants in the United States
Over the past 20 years, much work has focused on domestic violence, yet little attention has been paid to the causes, manifestations, and resolutions to marital violence among ethnic minorities,Expand
Battered Immigrant Mexican Women's Perspectives Regarding Abuse and Help-Seeking
SUMMARY A qualitative, pilot study employing in-depth ethno-graphic interviews was conducted to examine perceptions and attitudes towards abuse and the help-seeking behaviors of a sample of tenExpand
The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children
The author examines the negative behaviors of children in milieus in which sheltered women report and do not report the occurrence of child abuse. The sample of women was randomly selected from thoseExpand
Isolation as a Form of Marital Violence: The South Asian Immigrant Experience
Isolation is an important factor in marital abuse among South Asian immigrant families. It lends itself to the invisibility immigrant women experience based on their ethno-gender status in the UnitedExpand
Mapping the margins: intersectionality, identity politics, and violence against women of color
Over the last two decades, women have organized against the almost routine violence that shapes their lives. Drawing from the strength of shared experience, women have recognized that the politicalExpand
Safety Planning with Battered Women: Complex Lives/Difficult Choices
Introduction PART ONE: UNDERSTANDING BATTERED WOMEN'S PERSPECTIVES Creating the Image of Battered Women Batterer-Generated Risks Life-Generated Risks Battered Women's Decision-Making and Safety PlansExpand
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