AddressSanitizer: A Fast Address Sanity Checker

  title={AddressSanitizer: A Fast Address Sanity Checker},
  author={Konstantin Serebryany and Derek Bruening and Alexander Potapenko and Dmitriy Vyukov},
  booktitle={USENIX Annual Technical Conference},
Memory access bugs, including buffer overflows and uses of freed heap memory, remain a serious problem for programming languages like C and C++. Many memory error detectors exist, but most of them are either slow or detect a limited set of bugs, or both. This paper presents AddressSanitizer, a new memory error detector. Our tool finds out-of-bounds accesses to heap, stack, and global objects, as well as use-after-free bugs. It employs a specialized memory allocator and code instrumentation that… CONTINUE READING



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