Additive manufacturing of ceramics for dental applications: A review.

  title={Additive manufacturing of ceramics for dental applications: A review.},
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Additive Manufacturing of Zirconia Ceramic and Its Application in Clinical Dentistry: A Review
The results show a promising outcome for utilizing AM of zirconia in restorative, implant and regenerative dentistry, however further improvements and validation is necessary to approve its clinical application.
Materials in digital dentistry-A review.
  • T. Sulaiman
  • Materials Science, Medicine
    Journal of esthetic and restorative dentistry : official publication of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry ... [et al.]
  • 2020
CAD/CAM materials are versatile and emerging as the material of choice for many restorations and appliances, and it is important to ensure that proper clinical- and research-based evidence confirming the success and durability of these materials are available before recommending them in patient care.
Review on additive manufacturing of dental materials
Additive manufacturing (AM) for dental materials can produce more complex forms than conventional manufacturing methods. Compared to milling processing, AM consumes less equipment and materials,
Advancements in 3D Printing Technology: Applications and Options for Prosthetic Dentistry
The aim of this review is to study the current status of common additive manufacturing techniques in prosthetic dentistry.
Additive Manufactured Zirconia-Based Bio-Ceramics for Biomedical Applications
This book chapter provides a comprehensive summary of zirconia-based bioceramics using AM techniques for biomedical applications and highlights the challenges related to AM of zIRconia.
Characterisation of Selected Materials in Medical Applications
Tissue engineering is an interdisciplinary field of science that has developed very intensively in recent years. The first part of this review describes materials with medical and dental applications
Recent Advances in Ceramic Materials for Dentistry
Dental ceramics constitute a heterogeneous group of materials with desirable optical and mechanical proprieties combined with chemical stability. They are inorganic non-metallic materials used in
Structural and Biomedical Properties of Common Additively Manufactured Biomaterials: A Concise Review
A general overview of the additive manufacturing and biomaterials field is provided and possibilities for deepening the knowledge in specific aspects are provided as it comprises comprehensive tables including materials, applications, AM techniques, and references.
Suitability of 3D printed pieces of nanocrystalline zirconia for dental applications.


Alumina ceramic for dental applications: A review article
Alumina has received considerable attention and has been historically wellaccepted as biomaterials for dental and medical applications. This article reviews the applications of this material in
Recent Advances in Ceramics for Dentistry
For the last ten years, the application of high-technology processes to dental ceramics allowed for the development of new materials such as heat-pressed, injection-molded, and slip-cast ceramics and
Direct Inkjet Printing of Dental Prostheses Made of Zirconia
The novel generative manufacturing technique, direct inkjet printing, has great potential to produce, cost-efficiently, all-ceramic dental restorations at high accuracy and with a minimum of materials consumption.
Ceramic dental biomaterials and CAD/CAM technology: state of the art.
Zirconia: Established facts and perspectives for a biomaterial in dental implantology.
Currently, zirconia is widely used in biomedical area as a material for prosthetic devices because of its good mechanical and chemical properties. Largely employed in clinical area for total hip
Simple additive manufacturing of an osteoconductive ceramic using suspension melt extrusion.
Zirconia based dental ceramics: structure, mechanical properties, biocompatibility and applications.
This systematic review covers the results of past as well as recent scientific studies on the properties of zirconia based ceramics such as their specific compositions, microstructures, mechanical strength, biocompatibility and other applications in dentistry.
CAD/CAM systems available for the fabrication of crown and bridge restorations.
The history and recent status of dental CAD/CAM, the application of CAD-CAM fabricated tooth-coloured glass ceramic crowns, and theApplication of all-ceramic crowns and bridges using CAD/ CAM fabricated zirconia based frameworks are reviewed.
Emerging Ceramic-based Materials for Dentistry
Our goal is to give an overview of a selection of emerging ceramics and issues for dental or biomedical applications, with emphasis on specific challenges associated with full-contour zirconia