Additional scalarane sesterterpenes from the sponge Phyllospongia papyracea.

  title={Additional scalarane sesterterpenes from the sponge Phyllospongia papyracea.},
  author={Hou-Jin Li and Taro Amagata and Karen Tenney and Phillip Crews},
  journal={Journal of natural products},
  volume={70 5},
A chemical investigation of the marine sponge Phyllospongia papyracea, collected in Papua New Guinea, initiated by the screening result of a beta-catenin/Tcf4 disruption assay afforded six new bishomoscalarane sesterterpenes containing two rare scalaranes with a cyclobutane ring in the molecule, together with one known scalarane sesterterpene. The structures of the new compounds were elucidated by 1D and 2D spectroscopic techniques. The compounds isolated in this study did not show activity… CONTINUE READING