Additional minocycline pleurodesis after thoracoscopic surgery for primary spontaneous pneumothorax.

  title={Additional minocycline pleurodesis after thoracoscopic surgery for primary spontaneous pneumothorax.},
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RATIONALE Ipsilateral recurrence rates of spontaneous pneumothorax after video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery are higher than rates after open thoracotomy. OBJECTIVES This study was conducted to determine whether additional minocycline pleurodesis would be effective in diminishing recurrence after video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery treatment of primary spontaneous pneumothorax. METHODS Between June 2001 and February 2004, 202 patients with primary spontaneous pneumothorax were treated by… 

Thoracoscopic Pleurodesis for Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax With High Recurrence Risk: A Prospective Randomized Trial

Pleural abrasion with minocycline pleurodesis is as effective as apical pleurectomy and either technique is appropriate for treating PSP patients with high recurrence risk.

Intrapleural minocycline pleurodesis for the treatment of primary spontaneous pneumothorax

Intrapleural minocycline pleurodesis can be considered an adjunct to standard treatment of primary spontaneous pneumothorax, after either simple aspiration and drainage or after thoracoscopic surgery.

Additional mechanical pleurodesis after thoracoscopic wedge resection and covering procedure for primary spontaneous pneumothorax

Additional mechanical pleurodesis after covering procedure is also effective in decreasing postoperative recurrence of PSP.

Effects of picibanil as sclerosing agent in primary spontaneous pneumothorax patient after thoracoscopic procedures

The long-term result of additional chemical pleurodesis, using OK-432 following VATS bullectomy is safe and effective with low recurrence rate (2.2%) and the experience suggested that OK- 432 was a reliable sclerosing agent for chemical pleurdesis.

Chemical pleurodesis for prolonged postoperative air leak in primary spontaneous pneumothorax.

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Simultaneous Viscum pleurodesis and video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) bullectomy in patients with primary spontaneous pneumothorax

It is demonstrated that simultaneous Viscum pleurodesis and VATS bullectomy provides a feasible and effective treatment option for preventing postoperative pneumothorax in patients with PSP.

Results of repeated video-assisted thoracic surgery for recurrent pneumothorax after primary spontaneous pneumothorax

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Repeated VATS was a feasible method to treat recurrent PSP after VATS for PSP and showed a lesser tendency for bullae to occur at the staple line than Group II.

Chemical pleurodesis for spontaneous pneumothorax.

Efficacy of polyglycolic acid sheet after thoracoscopic bullectomy for spontaneous pneumothorax.




Effects of additional minocycline pleurodesis after thoracoscopic procedures for primary spontaneous pneumothorax.

Minocycline pleurodesis is a safe and convenient procedure that may improve the outcome and reduce the rate of recurrence after thoracoscopic treatment for primary spontaneous pneumothorax.

Treatment of complicated spontaneous pneumothorax by simple talc pleurodesis under thoracoscopy and local anaesthesia.

This study shows that simple thoracoscopic talc pleurodesis under local anaesthesia is a safe and effective treatment for complicated spontaneous pneumothorax, however, patients with bullae of > 2 cm in diameter have a greater risk of treatment failure.

Video assisted thoracoscopic management of primary spontaneous pneumothorax.

VATS is a safe and effective approach in the treatment of PSP; Stapled-bullectomy is quick and reliable but costly; Endoloop and suturing are viable alternative techniques that may prove to be more cost effective; and argon beam coagulation as the primary treatment modality is not recommended.

Limited axillary thoracotomy vs video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for spontaneous pneumothorax

V VATS has many advantages over LAT in treating spontaneous pneumothorax, although the pneumoth orax recurrence rate in VATS cases was double that in LAT cases, which suggests that overlooking bullae in operation could be responsible for the high recurrence rates.

Needlescopic versus conventional video-assisted thoracic surgery for primary spontaneous pneumothorax: a comparative study.

Minimally invasive management for first and recurrent pneumothorax.