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Additional Records of Hawaiian Platyctenea (Ctenophora)

  title={Additional Records of Hawaiian Platyctenea (Ctenophora)},
  author={Donald C. Matthews and Sidney J. Townsley},
  journal={Pacific Science},
IN A PREVIOUS PAPER (Matthews, 1954 :282) representative samples of all orders of Ctenophora were reported for Hawaii. Of these, the plarycrenids were represented by only two immature specimens of Coeloplana dubosequii collected on the reef of the Hawaii Marine Laboratory on December 31, 1952. This small, pale, yellowish-green plaryctenid has not been collected since, although the alga (Hypnea nidifica) on which it was found has been periodically examined. Also, continuous examination of spines… Expand
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A new species of platyctenean ctenophore, Lyrocteis~vopallidrcs sp. nov., from McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Lyrocteis flavopallidus sp. nov., a large (up to 110 mm tall) platyctenean ctenophore from the Antarctic, is described on the basis of the external morphology. The pale straw-yellow color, lack ofExpand
Four new species and three new records of benthic ctenophores (Family: Coeloplanidae) from the Red Sea
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Neue kriechede ctenophoren der gattung Coeloplana aus Madagaskar
Three new species of creeping ctenophores of the genus Coeloplana were found as ectocommensals on the octocoral Sarcophyton spec. in the Indian Ocean, near Madagascar, at water depths down to 45 m.Expand
A platyctenean ctenophore from New Zealand
Summary Two colour variants of Coeloplana willeyi Abbott are described from northern New Zealand. This is the first record of a representative of the order Platyctenea in New Zealand.


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