Additional PKA phosphorylation sites in human cardiac troponin I.

  title={Additional PKA phosphorylation sites in human cardiac troponin I.},
  author={Douglas G. Ward and Peter R. Ashton and Hylary R. Trayer and Ian P. Trayer},
  journal={European journal of biochemistry},
  volume={268 1},
We used mass spectrometry to monitor cAMP-dependent protein kinase catalysed phosphorylation of human cardiac troponin I in vitro. Phosphorylation of isolated troponin I by cAMP-dependent protein kinase resulted in the covalent incorporation of phosphate on at least five different sites on troponin I, and a S22/23A troponin I mutant incorporated phosphates on at least three sites. In addition to the established phosphorylation sites (S22 and S23) we found that S38 and S165 were the other two… CONTINUE READING
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