Addictive behavior of older adults.

  title={Addictive behavior of older adults.},
  author={Kathryn Graham and Dave Clarke and Christophe Bois and Vivien Carver and L Dolinki and Colin Smythe and Stephen Paul Harrison and Julie Marshman and Peter T. B. Brett},
  journal={Addictive behaviors},
  volume={21 3},
Very little is known about addictive alcohol use by older people. In the present paper personal effects reasons for drinking (i.e. drinking for the effects of alcohol) and concerns about drinking were used as indicators of addictive drinking behavior among a sample of 826 people aged 65 and older who participated in survey interviews in their homes. The relationship of addictive drinking behavior to frequency of drinking, quantity of drinks per occasion, and depressant drug use was examined… CONTINUE READING

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