Addiction-like Synaptic Impairments in Diet-Induced Obesity.

  title={Addiction-like Synaptic Impairments in Diet-Induced Obesity.},
  author={Robyn Mary Brown and Yonatan M Kupchik and Sade Spencer and Constanza Garc{\'i}a-Keller and D Spanswick and Andrew J Lawrence and Stephanie Elise Simonds and Danielle Joy Schwartz and Kelsey Ann Jordan and Thomas Clayton Jhou and Peter W. Kalivas},
  journal={Biological psychiatry},
  volume={81 9},
BACKGROUND There is increasing evidence that the pathological overeating underlying some forms of obesity is compulsive in nature and therefore contains elements of an addictive disorder. However, direct physiological evidence linking obesity to synaptic plasticity akin to that occurring in addiction is lacking. We sought to establish whether the propensity to diet-induced obesity (DIO) is associated with addictive-like behavior, as well as synaptic impairments in the nucleus accumbens core… CONTINUE READING