Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas

  title={Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas},
  author={Natasha Dow Schll},
Recent decades have seen a dramatic shift away from social forms of gambling played around roulette wheels and card tables to solitary gambling at electronic terminals. Slot machines, revamped by ever more compelling digital and video technology, have unseated traditional casino games as the gambling industry's revenue mainstay. Addiction by Design takes readers into the intriguing world of machine gambling, an increasingly popular and absorbing form of play that blurs the line between human… Expand
Preventing Adolescent Gambling Problems
The landscape of gambling internationally has continued to evolve at an unprecedented rate. While traditional land-based gambling continues to flourish (e.g., casinos, racinos, card rooms,Expand
Motivation, masochism, and slot machine gambling.
  • D. Forrest
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Psychodynamic psychiatry
  • 2015
While gambling is as universal as religious instincts, state sponsorship of machine gambling is a conflict of interest for government, which is established to promote the general welfare, not addict the citizenry to raise revenues. Expand
Gambling machine annexes as enabling spaces for addictive engagement.
It is argued that features of the annex that encourage uninterrupted and solitary play include the absence of tables to socialize around, dimmed lighting and entry pathways that minimize scrutiny promote a style of play more oriented towards heavy and problematic gambling. Expand
Reward reactivity and dark flow in slot-machine gambling: “Light” and “dark” routes to enjoyment
The results suggest that of these two routes to enjoying slot-machine play, the dark flow route is especially problematic, but it is contended that thedark flow state may be enjoyable because it provides escape from the negative thoughts linked to depression. Expand
Article Commentary: Zone out and your money flows away; go with the flow and your money might stay
in her 2012 book “addiction by design: machine gambling in las Vegas”, cultural anthropologist Natasha Dow schüll drew attention to a pervasive phenomenon in gambling addiction called “the Zone”: aExpand
Learning from Las Vegas: Gambling, Technology, Capitalism, and Addiction
Gambling has always led to addictive behavior in some individuals. However, the number and types of addicted gamblers have changed over time and in response to specific gambling environments. RecentExpand
Research indicates that gamblers frequently set self-imposed limits on how much time and money they wish to gamble in a given gambling session, yet consistently gamble more than initially intended.Expand
Mobile social gambling: Poker’s next frontier
In this paper, we provide a history, analysis, and theorization of the emergence of mobile social gambling—a new form of media and cultural practice that fuses “social gambling” and “social gaming,”Expand
Hooked on gambling: a problem of human or machine design?
It is alleged that EGMs are intentionally designed with carefully constructed design elements (structural characteristics) that modify fundamental aspects of human decision-making and behaviours, such as classical and operant conditioning, cognitive biases, and dopamine signals. Expand
Playing for fun or gambling for money: a qualitative longitudinal study of digitally simulated gambling among young Danes
Purpose The study aims to explore the types of simulated games and gambling platforms used by adolescents, adolescent’s experiences, motivations and behaviors vis-a-vis simulated gamblingExpand