Addiction as a stress surfeit disorder.

  title={Addiction as a stress surfeit disorder.},
  author={George F. Koob and Cara Lyn Buck and Ami Cohen and Scott Edwards and Paula E Park and Joel E. Schlosburg and Brooke E Schmeichel and Leandro F Vendruscolo and Carrie L. Wade and Timothy W. Whitfield and Olivier George},
  volume={76 Pt B},
Drug addiction has been conceptualized as a chronically relapsing disorder of compulsive drug seeking and taking that progresses through three stages: binge/intoxication, withdrawal/negative affect, and preoccupation/anticipation. Drug addiction impacts multiple motivational mechanisms and can be conceptualized as a disorder that progresses from positive reinforcement (binge/intoxication stage) to negative reinforcement (withdrawal/negative affect stage). The construct of negative reinforcement… CONTINUE READING